The changes which God causes … are … from worse to better, … the changes which God allows in man … are … often quite the other way.

John Ruskin, in Lectures in Architecture and Painting

+ + +

The Left always thinks it must “change” things.  This is their prideful anthem – an ode to themselves.  When will be tire of it?  Better yet, will we tired of it before it destroys us?  As it is they are a constant annoyance and source of endless waste and destruction.

Any clear thinking person could make a lengthy list of the follies these people bring, the mindless idiocy they author, the costly mistakes they perpetuate.

Ironically their cadre of narrow-minded academics and power-hungry politicos push for change when most often they have accomplished little or, more often, nothing themselves. In them, you see, that they deem themselves “exceptional” and others “disposables.”

The quickest way to superiority is to claim “you know better” and “change” must be had. It is demonstratively b.s.

The wise and strong among us are different – they adjust to what is and take on, all the same, excellence – achievement, success, good nature, fellowship.  Those who accept “what is” are undaunted in overcoming obstacles. They see their task as working with the “what is.”  They are fearless, courageous, innovative, inspiring – leaders.  They befriend and inspire because they accept and excel at the same time.

The great people do not whine and spend a life time badgering others to bend to their will as if they are God and the Creator is unnecessary – passe, dead.  No sound people have humility. They are happy and wise who live what life brings and achieve nonetheless.

In this context it is wise to turn a deft ear to those who wish to change all to their image. Yes, they deserve your contempt and opposition.

Have the faith to accept with what is and excel all the same.