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… the foolishness of God is wiser than men … God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise … the base things of the world and the despised God has chosen, things that are not, so that He may nullify the things that areso that no man may boast before God.

1 Cor 25, 27, 28, 29

+ + +

Some are dismayed because Donald Trump is not the candidate they expected to see running for President.  They despair.  Or sulk or fret because he is not them, not like them.

How godless and unwise these people are.  So self-centered.  Accustomed to being selected as “special.” So unwise, so lacking in faith and wisdom are the wealthy “entitled” and the career political aspirants.  These are exactly the kind of people that cannot lead and are most unfit for difficult times.  Let them sulk – but keep them on the sideline.

You see God selects the unexpected when things have gone dreadfully wrong as they have in America.  The Democrat Left has made a mess of things. The courts have added immeasurably to the mess.  Critical institutions like the FBI, the IRS have lost the Public’s trust. The last eight years have been a disaster, have weakened and divided us, turned allies into strangers and made our adversaries more powerful and bolder, more anxious to destroy us.  

The hand puppets in the media have made matters worse.  The fools in academia have done their usual mindless part to deconstruct and destroy.

Think about it people, is it not God’s way to select one to shame the “wise,” and powerful so He might nullify the things that are?

The things that are.  Yes, the immortality of our time.  Abortion. Destruction of marriage and the family.  The neglect of our defense and the denial of our critical role in the world. The attacks on God, faith and the faithful.  The arrogance of centralized power.  The government control of all human choices.  The loss of liberty.  The loss of industry and unwillingness to address pressing problems.

I, too, felt the distress of today’s politics – until I remembered God’s ways.

In the most trying times, when we have strayed far from Him, God creates the most extreme contrast. He takes an unknown and presents that unlikely one to wake us up – to show us in his opposite how we are mistaken, unfaithful, immoral … how we lie, seek personal gain, betray public service, seek only personal gain, sell out national interests, pit groups against one another, stoke the fires of racial, ethnic, gender, income distinctions, perpetuate injustice and discontent, grow in corruption and deceit, multiple chaos, confuse even language, deny truth, sow despair and vanquish hope.

Yes, God presents the most unexpected in times of greatest difficulty created by man himself and his and her wayward ways and rejection of Him.  Think of Mary, a young peasant girl.  Of Joseph – a village carpenter.  Of a baby as the Messiah.  Of aged Abraham.  Moses who could not speak well.  Of David who was too young.  Gideon who was unimportant.  Of the reluctant Prophet Jonah.  Paul the sinner who persecuted Christians.

This election is a referendum on us and on God.  On belief.  On our sight. Our faith.  Our heart and our soul.  Our life.  The choice could NOT be made clearer.  That is how God works, as He has shown many times over the centuries.