Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. (Emphasis added.)

U.S. Constitution, Art. III, Sect. 3

+ + +

Terrorist bombings in New York City and in New Jersey this weekend.

Part of a chain of anti-American attacks inspired by Muslim jihadists?  That has yet to be determined.

Yet, there is no denying that over the last twenty to twenty-five years we suffered attacks, at home and abroad, carried out by those sympathizing with jihadists, or those who have allied themselves with them.

Muslim jihadists (and those who fund and support them) are at war with the West, the United States, Christians, and Jews.

One wonders, as a result, if the voices of our citizen-malcontents of varied stripes who harbor an open, vocal and demonstrative hostility to their own country are now at the very least out of step with reality and the danger we face.

Or is their action more serious?

Do the malcontents not embolden our adversaries?  Show division and weakness? Do their words not give aid and comfort to those who chose to be our enemy?

And what of politicians who deal with states that sponsor terrorism?  And of those who talk of closing all military bases?  Others who disclose sensitive security material?  Or carelessly expose it to our adversaries?  Or those who tailor intelligence to satisfy a preferred political narrative?

What of those in leadership positions who have allowed our military to be reduced in size and readiness?  Those who have spent us carelessly into debt?  Those who have aimed their hate at police?  The flag?  Or those who purporting to serve us but saw, in the end, only race or ideology as the final determinant of policy, choice and action?

Or those “special pleaders” who bombard us with their own resentments based on gender, sexual behavior, atheism, ethnicity or other Leftist ideals and orientations?  And the pampered athletes who dishonor the flag, country and those who serve them and all of us in this time of conflict?

Who can give honor or approval to those who give such comfort or assistance to those who desire our destruction?

And who among us can provide support to a political party that hosts these malcontents, or give heed to media outlets and operations that voice perpetual national discontent with our uniquely free nation?

Think about it.


Irony – I, as one who grew up in Boston among some of the most inventive, rebellious, street smart, cunning and courageous people, offer this wonderful irony: Donald Trump has shown that he is simply leagues ahead of the dullards in the news media, the stodgy and stale Republican elites, and the (God-help-us) ideological and megalomaniacal Left, including the once shrew Democrat Party. How so?

He manages to throw the press (and his adversaries) sufficient concern that, while they deplore his utterances and him, proceed to chase him for comment and (they think) further calamity.

In this we see a brilliant seduction that shows who is far the smarter. This is charming and shows the talent of more than your average pup.

Folks, you got a real gem when you got a dog that is smarter than the hunter. (Insert smile here.)

We are seeing some real political genius in motion, Sports Fans.  Enjoy it.

Leadership is best when it is smarter than those who chase them with intent to maim or destroy.  Are you bright enough to see what is in plain view?