Evil is that which kills the spirit.

M. Scott Peck, M.D., in People of the Lie

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How alert are you to things that kill the spirit, and in doing so inflict mortal wounds on you – an unsuspecting innocent?

In a way this question asks: Who do you listen to?  What do you believe?  How easily are you influenced?

Further, in secularized mass communication culture it asks: What do you read? Are you converted to an ideology?  And ideology which is bleached of faith? Which is hostile and utterly dismissive of faith?

It follows one must ask: Are you converted to The Lie?  To lies.  To lies so prominent in secular culture?  To secular culture that is, frankly, built on lies?

You might want to ask this question: Why do I see so much disorder in this culture?  So much pathology?  So much sociopathic behavior among neighbors, people in the news and the “celebrity” class?

In short, take an assessment on your spiritual welfare and the spiritual welfare of the culture you occupy.

Mind you, if evil kills the person by killing the spirit, you might ask: Am I cognizant of my vulnerability to this death of the spirit?  Am I engaged in an effort to sustain my spiritual wellbeing and guard against my death?

As a suggestion I offer this: (1) take time for your faith, (2) integrate it into your everyday life and thinking, (3) be very select about what you read or watch or listen to in secular culture, (4) distance yourself from those things that, and people who, seem to you to be instinctively suspect and likely unhealthy and damaging to you, to your soul.