The wound is the place where the Light enters you.


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I have a friend.  He has some limitations.  His learning is slowed and he is autistic. He is very devoted to his faith. He is humble and truthful and when he is feeling well he laughs a healthy laugh.

He is a kind man who attends daily Mass and reads scripture each day.

God is central to his life. He is a good person.  He is without guile.  Loves baseball. Is a good son and sibling.  Yet, at certain points his illness appears in him in a manner that he worries that he is not good enough, that he has not “measured-up.”

It is painful to see him suffer in these concerns.

In thinking about him, I realize that God sends us very special people whose presence teaches us. My friend is a martyr – one who suffers a wound so we might see the Light.

Yes, his wound most assuredly shows the Light.

How obvious this truth is – if we but see.  Here is a man who is captivated by God and his faith – a man, at the same time, who is captured by his affliction.

Captivated by faith, and captured by affliction.  Is this not one who is Chosen?  

In contrast, look around you.  We have “public” figures who keep their secrets like they are precious religious artifacts, who lie, hide their wrong-doing, lust for money, power and sexual pleasure … and do so for years upon years.  Yes, they gain money – often ill-gotten cash, and yes, they have things – but do they tell you of their afflictions?  Do they worry about their relationship with God?  Or do they, with the privileged educations and life opportunities, lead others to a retinue of immoral objectives, and foolish and divisive demands?

My friend is in the express lane to heaven.  The famous figures I mention need not expect the same destination.  Their time will be spent rotting away, in a cold, never-ending darkness – – – quite as they have lived.  For them, a well-earned final destination.

Light or darkness, you decide.