… Jesus took Peter, James and John his brother, and led them up a high mountain …

Mt 17:1

+ + +

This is the first line from the Transfiguration of Jesus as recorded in the Gospel of Matthew.  As in all of Scripture, there is always a guidance for us, insight that applies to our life, health and welfare today.

What might we learn from this account of the Transfiguration that could help us today?

Well, first – we note that Jesus recessed to the mountain top.  Does this not say, we too might need to take leave of that which occupies us in the everyday?  Does this not say, time alone is necessary from time to time?  That we care for ourselves best only when we care for our interior life?  That quiet and solitude are necessary for each of us?  That contemplation is likewise necessary?  That we cannot be whole and healthy when we are fully engaged in the ways of the world, in all the demands and tasks that dominate the everyday of mortal life?

What more could be said?

Well, who among you knows what is said to the Peter, James and John in this story?  What instruction they were given?

This is the instruction: ” … listen to him.”

Yes, we are to listen to Jesus the Christ.  But do we?  Do we hear his words each day? Bother to read a small part of the Gospel each day so we might grow, and grow closer to Him?

Do we act on His teachings?  Do we see the world as His words allow us to?  Or do we “let the ways of the world dominate us, convert us to all its foolishness?

You know the answer, I need not tell you – just look around and ask yourself: am I immersed in this of all things???