The religion that Jesus gave the world is an experience … it is in being lived that it lives …

Malcolm Muggeridge, in Jesus: The Man Who Lives

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Acquiring the experience of another person is quite difficult.  We are not them. We do not have their history nor their field of their human experience.  Likewise, we do not have their temperament, their emotional, social, psychological, or intellectual make-up.

Yet, as Christians we are to acquire the life of Christ, to meet and experience Christ in our life and to grow in Christ over our lifetime.

We are not offered rules and regulations, ritual and ceremony – but rather Christ as the way to the Father and eternity.  It really is quite simple – we have but one goal: to experience Christ and live as he has taught us to live.

Yesterday, Ms. Clinton told an audience at a New York City fundraiser that Mr. Trump’s supporters were “a basket of deplorables.”  Imagine that.

Frankly, this reveals both who she is and who her supporters are.  Yes, this is the arrogance and bigotry of the American Left and the modern liberal – from Hollywood to Harvard, from news on the networks to the New York Times – this is the disposition of the Democrat Party that once was the party of the common, working man and woman.

Ms. Clinton’s words are her beliefs.

Today we face an election that poses this question: Is America as an exemplary nation where religion is encouraged and protected, or a godless country ripe for decline?

To be a Christian is to live the life of Christ.  Once in American this was neither challenged nor attacked.

Today we live in a very significant time.  Life or death? Faith or godlessness?