The hermit … knows the mercy of God … because his whole life is one of complete dependence … upon … the … mercy of our … Father.

Thomas Merton, in Thoughts in Solitude

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The mortal world is full of distractions and disordered individuals and institutions. It is far from the life of a hermit – far from solitude and silence and in its fury, it is far from the experience of God, the Ever-Present God.

In the fury of the modern world it is difficult to experience God, for much of our life is set in motion and time alone in quiet is rare.

All the fury produces a darkened sky – our eyes close to Light.  In blindness we seek to find our self by our self. Finding one already found is futile, and comic when it is not destructive to self and others.

We are made in His wisdom and endowed with His love and His mercy.

Look around you, when the world fashions disorder, is it not time for detachment and solitude?  Do the dead not bury the dead.  Life is sacred and for living.