In Jesus Christ, every path to man is… an approach to the Father and His love.

St. John Paul, II, in Dives Misericordia 

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America’s great mistake – which it shares with its Western brothers and sisters – is trying to live without God.  Yes, we have pridefully and foolishly attempted to do “magnificent” things without God at the center of our being.  This has been no more clear than in the haughty, and seemingly godless, conduct and policies of our current President and his colleagues.

Regrettably, he seems devoid of religious devotion.  Some detect among the culture and the political Left a distinct hostility to God, acts that seem to drive God from the public square and faith from public discourse.

We’d best take heed.  I suggest a focus on the person and words of St. John Paul, II – a man or extraordinary faith and wisdom.  His writings are abundant and fruit-filled.

We would be wise to recall that he reminded us in Dives Misericordia that we must be focused in love on each person and be in this “directed in Christ to the Father.”

Yes, serve others not self we must – but alas, to do so we must understand that we are directed in Christ to the Father for man and God is not to be separated. Our works are not our own – but those of God …for we are not self-possessed, but belonging to God.

Friends, the days of thinking we are omnipotent and self-sufficient must be over or we will perish and in our absence darkness will take its dreadful place.

Faith and faithfulness must be returned to the center of our culture and our life for we do nothing that is right, and good, and just without this.