Man cannot be forced to accept the truth.  He can be drawn toward the truth by his own nature, that is, by his own freedom, which commits him to search sincerely for truth and, when he finds it, to adhere to it both in his convictions and his behavior.

St. John Paul, II, in Crossing the Threshold of Hope

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Each human being is endowed with a desire for truth and a native repulsion for what is false, for lies and dishonesty.  We are created this way.  It is our design. Infants, for example, show a natural proclivity for what is moral.  We know this from psychological studies.

We are not taught moral reasoning.  It is an innate disposition.  One might say it is a sacred instinct and, as such, it is our sacred task to seek what is good and oppose what is false, untrue, immoral, illegal, corrupt, evil and a lie.

Today in this land we face an acute challenge – to secure a free society that seeks truth and banishes untruth and those who embody it in their behavior, especially their repeated behavior and their obvious dishonesty.

Sadly, this question is posed very directly as to our government – in particular our federal government and those who populate it – those elected and those embedded in bureaucracy and those who are appointed to head departments and agencies within government.

This is a very serious time for us.

We might all pray that we seek what is true and reject what is not and those who speak in lies and act in the most questionable ways be dismissed from leadership and our view.