A man’s own character is the arbiter of his fortune.

Publilius Syrus, 42 B.C.

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I am so sick of whining.  Boo-woo-woo.  Poor me.

Colin Kaepernick.  Black biological father, White mother – raised in a White family. A quarterback in the NFL, making a very nice check – far better than most other people will ever make.  A guy with four parental figures – one Black, and he’s protesting about racial injustice.

He ought thank God he had those around him who cared not a wit about race, those who accepted him, housed him and loved him, fed him, gave him a loving and stable home, saw him through high school, helped him grow in his personal life and athletic talents, prepared him to go on to college, and play football at the University of Nevada on scholarship.

He comes off “the ingrate.”

I am so sick of the post-1960’s decades of whining.  Poor-me, poor-me, poor me. Stop it! Grow up!  We can thank the “glass isn’t full” Lefties and liberals for this nonsense.

The whiners think they are the only people who had an uphill slog.  How about the Catholics in Northern Ireland?  The Italians in America?  The Jews in history?

I have a sign to my immediate right as I write this.  It is there everyday.  It says: “No Irish Need Apply.”  It is dated September 11, 1915.  It is a sign that was hoisted in the store windows of Boston merchants.  It was meant to say plainly – we don’t like or want the Irish here.

Do you think the Irish whined?  Hell, no.  They had character.  Guts. Pride. Courage. Determination.  Faith. Toughness.

They called these signs NINA signs (“N” for No, “I” for Irish, “N” for Need, “A” for Apply) and said of them “Twas the same sign that hangs in the gates of hell!”

My father ditched us when I was an infant, my mother and I ended up in public housing, I grew up among poverty and the hard-working Irish and Italians in my neighborhood. There was no whining.  There was character, toughness, fight, determination.  No one sat on their butt and drew a government check.  No, we had more self-respect than that.

Want to build a strong and courageous and faithful people – an invincible nation? Ditch the dole and the Democrats for good and forever.  They specialize in making a slave class of all who submit to them.

As for the three-quarter white Kaepernick?  Well maybe he ought to try being thankful – and he ought to grow up.

Enough of the professional “cry-babies.”  Want to show those who dislike you who you are? Excel. Get off your fanny and make something of yourself.  Has not God made more of you than whining?

You want in on a little “secret?”   If all around me are smarter, more diligent, able, etc. than I am – it makes me better, I improve and “my game” is advanced, too. Liberty is advanced when all participate fully and to their best ability regardless of what others do to stifle our efforts.  And we become happier more contented people and better friends and neighbors, we help one another without any envy.