… put away from among yourself that wicked person.

1 Cor 5:13

+ + +

These are the words of St. Paul recorded in Chapter 5 of his First Letter to the Corinthians. In that letter he is talking about the many wayward acts of those in that community.  And his message is candid and clear – he names the evil being done and the appropriate response: separate from these wicked people.

How might that apply to us today?

I would say it very simply: turn your ears and presence from those who speak untruths … obvious untruths.  Yes, turn away from the one who says: “I never had sex with that woman, not one time.”  And from the one who says, “I never sent a single email with secret information in it.”  Or the ideological apologist who makes excuses for wrongdoers.  Or from the candidate for office who says, “I am a Catholic but I support abortion.”  Or the Justice who is a Catholic and approves those things that his faith does not justify.

In public discourse I see all too often guests on news shows who steadfastly deny the truth because they wish it not so, because it does not square with their narrow, stilted, twisted desire or political point of view.

Turn from these people and those who give them voice on the public airwaves and the once trusted newspapers – lest you be like the Corinthians for as St. Paul says they only “deliver” you to Satan “for the destruction of (your) flesh.”

Your duty to live in faith is under attack every day in the increasingly godlessness of this culture.