… the infinite mercy of God cannot be prevented from drawing the greatest good out of the greatest evil.

Thomas Merton, in No Man is an Island

+ + +

Do you see God’s presence?  God’s presence in all things?  God’s superiority? God’s omnipotence?  God’s triumph over man’s mischief?  Over evil?

If you see Christ, one assumes you do.  If you profess Christ in your Christian existence, you are saying that you do?  But do you?

Is your eye focused on the presence of God in all things?  Do you ponder the possibility that good is the yield in all calamity?

Confidence in God is the ground of our faith.  Evidence of the Father in the Son is our way.

If God would send His Son to us, would He likely ever show disinterest in us? Absence?

You know the answer.  Yes, you are correct.  God is ever-present and all-powerful, all-loving. Yes, His ways are His ways.  Yes, His mind is more than human.  It is divine.  We have faith in this, the same way we have faith in Him.

Imagine what life would be like if we kept that close to our heart and mind daily. And, if the public discourse always assumed that as a “given,” a daily and immutable reality – a sacred “given.”  Friends, go with that.  For it is the true statement of reality.