” … who do you say that I am?”  … Peter … spoke … “The Christ of God” he said.

Lk 9: 20

+ + +

This excerpt has Jesus asking his disciples who they say that he is.  Peter responds to Jesus by identifying him as “The Christ of God.”

Is that not always the question put to us?  Is that not the question put to us today?  And is it not just that we must answer, but that if we answer as Peter did – our culture must take on our answer, have a place for our answer?

At any given moment we may draw our final breath.  One hopes that we have answered as Peter did before that last breath.

Look about you, do you fall in line behind those who do not answer as Peter did? Do you endorse their choices, their way of living?  Do your leaders appear to have answered as Peter did?  Do they act as if they believe as Peter did?

Who do you say he is?  Do your acts decry your answer?  Do your actions follow Peter’s answer?