You shall not kill … You shall not steal.

Ex 20: 13, 15

+ + +

Many people will recognize the above as part of the Ten Commandments.  Each, like the other eight pronouncements, is pretty straight forward.

But listening to virtually any television news panel dismiss Hillary Clinton’s propensity to lie as “oh, well – that’s just her” makes me wonder what have we become that we can accept dishonesty so easily.

If lying is routine, how about murder?  Where is “the line?”  Or is there no line?

One wonders in a morally challenged society if “anything goes?”  And, if that is what we see – where will it all end?  And how soon?

The likely answer is intuitive.  The answer?  It ends in destruction, and likely sooner than we think.  Such is the price of dumbing morals down.

It would be nice to be wrong about this.  But unless people speak up, one is hard-pressed to find another answer.

God bless us all.


Note – I recommend reading an article by Peter Byrne (dated August 30, 2016) entitled “Clinton-tied firm blurs legal lines, combining politics and investments.” It is quite disturbing.  You may find it on the Fox News internet site today.

The footprint of “globalism” seems to be the imprint of “elites”- the wealthy oligarchs and international corporations who seek “special access” to insure more power, more influence, more money.  Doing so reduces their risk and public scrutiny and requires that someone plays the piano in the brothel.