The Lord said to Abram, “Go forth from the land of your kinsfolk and from your father’s house to the land I will show you.” … Abram wen as the Lord directed him …

Gen 12: 1, 4

+ + +

I have often been asked in different ways how it was that I became interested in my faith, and I have always answered in the same way: “I have always accepted the life God presented to me.”

I often add this: “I have come to realize that living the life God gives you – in particular, the challenges that are presented – is a basic and fundamental act of worship, of obedience, of faith … and evidence of one who believes.

Mind you I did not reason this view, rather it emerged very early in my life – there was no conscious decision-making.  I realize this as a grace and have come to believe that this is a grace that we are all granted – that is, we are made to desire God and given that God creates life, it seems indisputable that God would come to us in the moments, days, months, years, joys and challenges that arise in our life.

I believe this to be absolutely true.

When you think about it, does not God give us so many simple opportunities to say “Yes” to Him?

I think about being born into a family, as I was, that received me with unconditional joy and unreserved welcome.  Too young as infants to know this, I began in a family who demonstrated a faithful acceptance of the new life that God has presented to them.

Yes, contrast that acceptance with abortion.  And this is why abortion is a significant barometer of who a person is, and whether they are faithful.

The ground of your faith is in accepting the life God presents to you – doing as Abram so willingly did.