“… the kingdom of God will be taken away from you …”

Mt 21:43

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You want to know how to explain life today in this fair land?  Simple.  Think of Christ and his teachings.  Think of his parables – as applicable today as they were 2000 years ago.

Remember the Parable of the Tenants in the Gospel of Matthew?  You know – the landlord leases his vineyard to tenants who refuse to share his produce with him. Yes, they beat the servant he sends to collect his yield, and then kill another and stone a third.

Finally he sends his son, and they killed him too.

Our tenants are the Democrat Left and the inattentive Republican elites, who gain election and take control of what was intended only for their temporary custody.

Once a nation of Judeo-Christian values, the tenants savage a heritage in favor of godlessness.  Like the scriptural tenants, they seek what is not their property or position and ignore those who object.  Our tenants include some in the judiciary and in the bureaucracy.

The claims of those who seek what is not their’s to have – shows us what we face now. This Parable is timely and in play.

Lest you forget, Jesus tells the evil tenants in this parable that: “The kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people that will produce its fruit.”

You see Jesus is never in hiding but that he hides in plain sight.

Woe to those godless ones who are blinded by the need for control and power. They will destroy what is good unless we discharge them.  Either way, they will be held accountable. The question is: Will you be among the silent who are harmed and lose the Kingdom of God, or among those with responsibility for this behavior and its consequences?  Or will you claim your place beside the Landlord?

Why would we allow the evil tenants to rob us of the Kingdom of God?


Note – The State Department which is subject to a Federal Court Order to release Ms. Clinton’s daily schedules before the election has taken the position that they will not be able to comply with the Court’s Order until the end of December.  Fine with me – let the Court put a stay on the November election until a date after the Department complies with its Order.  Why take take the risk of electing our first felon as President?

Need I remind you we are a nation under law, not under men or felonious women.

Remember Benedict Arnold the Traitor.  All generals from West Point have a stained glass window in the West Point Chapel. Arnold’s window is clear glass – to remind us of his betrayal.  His window is the only clear glass window in the entire Chapel.  Lesson learned.

We have an order of succession to the Presidency, so we can run the government without Mr. Obama or either candidate and do so in perpetuity.  I’m fine with that.  He who governs least governs best!

There is nothing wrong with an interim government, headed by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, until justice is done and Ms. Hillary’s behavior is completely examined!

You never realize how much government you do not miss – until you have the good fortune not to have it imposed on you!!!