The system must now be deconstructed.  That is the job of the prophet.  The prophet leads us out of normalcy, dismisses it, debunks it.

There is probably nothing more truly radical than real persons of prayer because they are beholden to no ideology or economic system, but only to God.

Richard Rohr, in Everything Belongs

+ + +

So here we are: lairs to the left of us, jokers to the right – stuck in the middle again.

What are you to do in the Age of Hostility to Christ?  The Age of Apostasy?

Maybe Pink Floyd gives us an answer, a starting point:

We don’t need no “education”

We don’t need no thought control

“Teachers” leave those kids alone.  (Emphasis added.)

As Simone Weil said so long ago: education is acculturation.  Today it is more mind control, indoctrination – designed to teach us to be slaves to the Left narrative – propositions that make us inert, captive, dependent, emptied of life.

In the Post Christian Age, you must save your soul from destruction.

Since our nation’s birth we have had unobstructed access to Christ and the exercise of free speech and religion.  We are far less unencumbered now.

What might we do?

Expect no assistance from institutions, even our churches. Maintaing a healthy soul and faithful existence will require your individual effort – a need to know Christ, read scriptures, devotion to worship, and cultivation of a life lived in faith, a separation from secular culture and its habits, ideas, and ways of being that are godless.

Freedom is spiritual – not economic, not political, not legal.  God alone is King. You are His sons and daughters.


Note – A Christian’s freedom, health, contentment, peace and prosperity rests now squarely on knowing Christ.  Apropos, we will begin tomorrow a focus on knowing Christ for this alone provides the essential base of our mortal life, our stability and eternal existence.

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