For people there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus.

2 Tim 2:5

+ + +

Like many others, I have felt despair recently, a despair produced by the precipitous moral and intellectual decline in our culture – a culture that houses untruth so easily and forsakes God and religion; a culture that houses a  political party on the Left that lies and seeks domination over others, and curtails reason, honesty, and freedom.

In the midst of this despair, I read an extensive and authoritative article on the Clinton Foundation and their Global Initiative.  What I learned was this: the Initiative and the Foundation are magnates for the wealthiest people in the world to meet one another, then transact business largely outside the reach of the law, regulatory regimes, or public scrutiny.  Of course, this is most likely why Dame Hillary deleted her 30,000 “yoga” emails.

Alas, I realized that the Clinton efforts where simply to facilitate the unrestrained desires of the most powerful people in the world in exchange for money and a sense of their own “importance.”  Yes, the former President and his wife were reduced in this to being the willing house servants of the wealthy and greedy across the globe.

But I learned something very important in this process, to wit: I could never change these people or their ways, nor eliminate their lust for more power, money or influence.  This is God’s job, not mine.

Yet, rather than despairing, this re-focused me on the source of my happiness, contentment, meaning and purpose – namely, on living in relationship with Christ and to the exclusion of this corrupt culture and its gross earthly distractions.

We act now as we do because we have not stayed with Christ.

Political power is not God’s will, the work of His hands, the love of His heart.  It is more often than not: merely hubris, a thirst for power so the small man or woman might think more of herself or himself while denying that their heart falters and their talents thin.

A perfected life is one living in Christ.  Indeed, only by a culture living in Christ (individual by individual) does good emerge in mortal existence.