There is danger in all men.  The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with the power to endanger the public liberty.  (Emphasis added.)

The true source of our suffering has been our timidity.  We are afraid to think … Let us dare to think, read, speak and write … Let it be known that British liberties and not the grants of princes or parliaments … many of our rights are inherent and essential, agreed on as maxims and established preliminaries, even before Parliament existed. (Emphasis added.)

John Adams*

It is odd to me how my efforts in writing Spirlaw over five years ago moved from a singular focus (living faith in secular culture) to address disciplines that stretch from Scripture, to contemplation, to spirituality, to mystic theology across varied faiths and many centuries, to psychology, psychiatry, cultural criticism, history at-large, American and Western and European History, philosophy, moral development, law, politics, literature, biography, and even military leadership.

Perhaps this is a function of my very varied and challenging life experience and my training in law, theology, politics, government, international relations and public policy.

Perhaps a better explanation is this: I have lived contrary to the way this culture is structured where we are compartmentalized, specialized, under-educated, homogenized and very lax in pursuing full human grow and emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual development.

That is, frankly, to say – life is not limited to but small slivers, small bits of this or that – no more than a banquet is experienced by one sampling but one item offered, and only tasting one ingredients of that dish that was, after all, prepared for our full enjoyment.

Are you as to life and as an American, and more particularly, as a Christian, one who samples one thing at the banquet?

Troubles arise when the populace, at all levels, becomes lazy and lax for then life goes off track, and too easy for a person, an ideology and a centralized power to endanger our liberty and our very existence as a nation and community of free and independent people.

You best think about this.

Sadly, I don’t listen to very many of the voices I am able to here.  I do this because they have nothing really to say.  Most parrot what contemporary culture tells them.

I am a far more selective listener and avid reader open to experience and my faith.  It seems Adams and his peers were quite the same.


* Note – These quotes come for Adams’ private journal (in the first instance) and from his A Dissertation on the Canon and the Federal Law (in the second instance).

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