The story of Jesus as recounted in the Gospels is true to the degree that it can be … believed; its truth must be looked for in the hearts of believers …

Malcolm Muggeridge, in Jesus: The Man Who Lives

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“God moulds history to His purposes, revealing in it the Fearful Symmetry which is His language in conversing with men, history is … the clay in which He works,” so Muggeridge reminds us.

God, history, us in time, us in history, the Truth of God in Christ, believing, truth in our hearts and seen by others. 

This is forever and a day the question.

It is the question today, the question so critically raised today in the images of those in power, those we elect, treat as celebrity, listen to, read about, observe and receive.

Each of us, and us collectively, stand against this measure as Christians: it is the test of our Belief, our state of life, and living daily, in Belief.

Truth is our problems today have everything to do with the Truth we claim as seen in us, in our culture, our work, our industry, our conduct, our communities, our homes and families, our politics and government, our clerics, our Churches and our institutions.

Is not the Incarnation God’s desire to see in us Him so that we might aspire after His likeness in mortal life and the peace that this brings?