The test of faith is always … a public profession. (Emphasis added.)

St. John Paul, II

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The notion that faith is a private matter is one of the great fallacies of modern liberalism proclaimed and housed in contemporary secular culture.

Oddly, the idea of a private, sequestered, silenced faith – a faith divorced from public life and culture – is never adequately attacked, and it should be.

Frankly, if it were dismissed we would not have a candidate who cannot avoid lying and who is constantly embrolied in legal controversaries and a candidate who seems without a comprehensive understanding of the serious problems he has identified.

We have two very inadequate candidates and two deeply flawed political parties – not to mention a journalism corps mostly worthy of elementary school.

For months now I have been thinking that, as important as this election is, God is likely showing us something far more significant and it is this: we had best return to Him or all will be lost, choas will become destruction, corruption become inescapable evil.

What is the good news that we might hold as a comfort?  It is this: St. Peter denied that he knew Christ.  (Mt 26:69-75)  Yet, then he made a public profession of his faith.  He returned to God.  That is our example.  That is our simple instruction.

Our faith is not a private matter.  It is a public matter.  Renounce and oppose those who would say otherwise.  In your doing so is our hope.