Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

Oscar Wilde

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I’ve never been one for conformity.  This, I think, is one of the greatest gifts I have been granted, that and having a mother who lived the life she had, hard as it might have been, with her love of me at the center of her existence and an absolute complete dedication to me becoming the person I was made to be (whoever that might finally be).

Reading The Wall Street Journal Review section today after talking with my very bright, very clever, multi-talented, good man of a son, I realize once again the absolute necessity of being who you are; this – a process of self-discovery, quasi-rebellion and critical liberation carried out over time, from phase to phase, age to increasing age.

There are not structures that can self-organize you.  Done.  Our life is ordered by one ultimate question: who am I?  And that question is answered by a simple range of examination.  What do I like?  What gives me satisfaction?  What brings peace and happiness to me?  What fills my soul?  Makes me smile?  Opens me to what is good? To others?  To love?  To wisdom?  Freedom?  Brings me contentment?

We are, if we wish to know this and accept it, unique individuals who share common events with others but who in their existence are not replicable.

There are no carbon copies of you.  To be content, you must be who you are. You must integrate the experience of being you – hurts and all, disappointments and all, tasting the joy and pathos of life as they are presented to you in endless events, experiences (good and bad), awakenings and memories.

I didn’t much care for school.  But I went.  Why?  Because that is where my friends were; and, where there are others there is endless room for amusement.

For me, school was where daily mischief was the principle product with the greatest harvest.

People always presented a joy to me.  And the foil offered by idiotic structures was a natural accelerant to that joy – structure being an easy target of humor for the dissident.   Structure, you see, properly considered liberates.

What is my point?  No matter where you are in life, seek who you are – give yourself the opportunity to live who you are designed and gifted to me. Conformity is not over-rated, it is deadly.  Gifted people, in particular, must use their gifts.

Yes, the Ph.D. in subject X, may be at heart – an inventor, a chef, an artist, a writer.

It is rare that anyone write their own script without revision.  What begins as one story blossoms into another.  Let that happen!

All courses change as we evolve.  Fear nothing of the change of course  – strive always for your destination which is the happiness of being you, the freedom of being you, the courage that comes from being you … the joy of being unmastered by structures that are by their nature mostly nonsense.

Let’s face it, when you look around you are dealing with those who have raised the white flag long ago.  Who the hell wants to be them?

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

Bernard Baruch

There is a YOU within you.  Be that you.

Shalom, Fellow Traveler.

Footnote – Please keep in mind that there are institutions, groups and people with whom you will readily “be at home,” have the experience of being yourself.  These are special experiences.  Enjoy them, savor them.  Some friendships are like that – those friends never fade from view or from heart.