Life in Christ is a wonderful adventure.  He alone can give full meaning to life, he alone is the center of history.  Live by him!

St. John Paul, II

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These are the words St. John Paul II spoke in 1997 at a Mass for youth in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic.

St. John Paul knew that life and history bring us personal and political hardship.

He was orphaned when his mother, brother and father died before he was 20 years of age.

He saw his beloved Poland occupied by the Nazis and then shamefully handed to the Communist Russia by the West after World War II.

He had to attend an “underground” seminary.

He risked his life to sustain the Catholic faith of others during the Nazi occupation and did the same under Communist occupation – smuggling seminarians into Poland when their native counties, occupied by the Communists, prohibited the ordination of Catholic clergy.

Christ alone is the center of history.

It is now our turn.  Those who are Believers face our time to witness.

Christianity is under attack – in the world, in the Middle East, in Europe and here in the United States.  Godless people dismiss the importance of faith, others have antipathy for religion, for Christ and for Christians and for our country and its heritage.  We find each in positions of public leadership – from politics, to media, entertainment, public and higher education, and corporate life.

Like St. John Paul II and Christians in Poland and others throughout history, we must demonstrate overtly what a Christian life is – who God in Christ is, how purposefully a person lives once a relationship with Christ is engaged and established.

Difficult things come to us personally and collectively so God might see His creation perfected.  Such opportunities are blessings.  We are living in such a time – a time of challenge, of opportunity and of blessings.

If we love God, if we are Christians – would we not join together to respond, to teach others who Christ is and what the love of God for all looks like?  Is it not unimaginable that we would do nothing less?

Brothers and Sisters, time for us to witness Christ – He who will never be diminished. We have been silent too long.  Live has been easy for a while – our faith left to prosper – but that has changed.  Now it is our moment.  It is a sacred time.

True holiness does not mean a flight from the world; rather … the effort to incarnate the Gospel in everyday life, in the family, at school … at work … in social and political life.

St. John Paul, II 

We are many and God is invincible!


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