“Thus says the Lord, What injustice did your fathers find in Me, that they went far from Me and walked with emptiness and became empty?”

Jer 2:5

+ + +

Thus begins Jeremiah’s first sermon to his people.  He might as well be speaking to us.

He proceeds to say that we abandoned the God who walked us through a new land, and through difficult times – times prior to our prosperity.  He reminds us He gave us our abundance.  He calls out the priests and lawmakers who did not know Him – and the rulers who sinned against Him.

He says, ” … My people have committed …. evils: they have forsaken Me … ” and our apostasies will reprove us.”

Few among us will acknowledge how we have fallen.  No, the public voices prefer to deny truth.  It is a sickness.  A sickness of the soul.  A sickness that will topple us and bring pain and suffering to our children and grandchildren. Yet, in a nation whose citizens have denied God comes blindness and godlessness; good sense is lost, so too a point of reference.  The great sadness is this: this godlessness levies a stern penalty on Believers.

Believers, the time for silence has ended.  There can be no continued publicly endorsed apostasy.

“Has a nation changed gods when they were not gods?”

Jer 2:11

We live in very serious times and decline accelerates.