… the United States … appears to be sliding inexorably away from being a civil society whose institutions express a common cultural inheritance to being an enfeebled polity whose institutions are captured by a host of warring minorities …

John Gray, in Post-Liberalism: Studies in Political Thought

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In democracy there is an etiquette as to how change is pursued.  This is particularly so given that fact the democracies can and do become totalitarian. Look at Turkey and its recent tilt.

The notion of an etiquette of change and its implicit boundaries might be useful to modern liberalism and surely to the American Left.

Without restraint, change can hollow out democracy from within.  How?

Democracies depend on the consensus of opinion among its members, preferably a majority of its citizens.  Courts and government bureaucracies are the weak link. Gain access or control over either and act without consensus, and democracy begins to slip away.

An example?  The political use of the IRS and its dereliction of duty to abide by the law on applications for legitimate tax-exempt status by conservative organizations. Or, the Supreme Court’s determination that marriage status can, after centuries and centuries of common understanding, be afforded same-sex partners.

The problem is a simple one to state: the modern liberal and the Left – certain of their “rightness” and more certain of what they want – push their objectives through law suits knowing full well that the judiciary is easier to conquer than a majority of their fellow citizens.  The result?  The Left and modern liberal gets its way and the democracy unravels, the Devil take the hind most.

Today’s driven and self-absorbed are like the French aristocracy, its privileged class and clergy who thought that despite the Revolution, their station in life would remain.  Boy, were they surprised.  Or shall I say: Girl were they surprised.

When in a democracy all things become political and the desires of a few exceed the position of the many, democracy fades.  Unions dissolve.

The judiciary is easy prey for those who want their way regardless of who or what is injured in the process, even destroyed, lost for ever.

There is an etiquette to change.  Its absence is very, very costly.