I am killing myself to prove my independence and my new terrible freedom.

Kirillov, in Dostoevsky’s The Possessed

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Social Psychologist John Haidt makes a profoundly helpful point in his book The Righteous Mind.  The point is this: throughout human history “groups create supernatural beings not to explain the universe but to order societies.”

Yes, humans throughout history ordered themselves through religious belief.

The conflict today in the United States between the Left and the rest of us is this: the Left has no use for religion nor does it possess the intelligence and introspection sufficient to see that a culture’s mores most frequently reflect deeply help beliefs that are designed to order a society, provide community, protect it from death and decline – its own extinction.

Oddly, the Left intellectual class knows a great deal less than they pretend.

Further, Haidt in his book, introduces us to this: sociocentric societies differ sharply from individualistic societies in how they treat a society’s mores.  In the former preservation of the group is critical and they revere mores; while in the latter the individual alone matters so any mores can be attacked and altered or discarded to appease the individual.  This, of course, Kirillov’s “terrible freedom.”

The secular and ideological Left and modern liberals fall into the latter group, and those who oppose them fall into the former group.  That is to say, the Left disassembles the group, and those that oppose them seek that the group flourish and sustain its existence.

You can see the Left’s desire for disintegration by seeing how they divide people one from another on the basis of gender, sexual behavior, race, ethnicity, class, etc.

You can see the destructive Left by what they do.  What was once a standard as to marriage is no more.  Ditto, family.  The attacks on the essential role of religion in our egalitarian society.  Likewise, the Left’s disinterest in defending attacks on our people and interest, and an inexcusable increase in a national debt that cause us great peril.

Frankly, in time the disintegration leads to this: no one within the group will fight and die for it.  The group will cease to have meaning for all will be atomized and alone.  Expect by then, migration to other places where mores and meaning more reflect the nature of the human being as clearly established in human history throughout the long, long stretch of time.

The Left plays with danger out of its ignorance and wilfulness.


Postscript – Do not underestimate the self-loathing of those who seek their own destruction.  This, of course, is a sickness of the soul – a product of faithlessness.

An aside – It really in stunning for all the money put into education and the talented, highly educated people we have in this culture – we get real dullards dominating politics and the public media.  Good God, what a disaster!

A Catholic priest in France had his throat slip while saying Mass today.  It is reported that two ISIS sympathizers were the perpetrators.  Sadly, we can imagine that if that happened here we would be lectured by those who claim to lead us about our need to understand the wrongdoers, be “reminded” of the past “failures”of the Catholic Church and Christianity. This is secular liberalism today.

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