It was a quiet morning … Summer gathered in the weather, the wind had the proper touch, the breathing of the world was long and warm and slow …

Ray Bradbury, in Dandelion Wine

+ + +

Summer does God’s will and so does all creation.  The creatures borrow and the birds soar. The squirrels scamper hither and yon, and dart up trees when feet trod near.  And bears come to the apple trees with their cubs.  Even the mountains do God’s will standing vigil as they do – fostering wind on a still summer day while the fish live in wait in the cool streams where fishers go.

There is joy in fulfilling God’s will as we are made to be.  Oh, to be as the mountains and the shady trees and cooling breeze – taking pity on us and teaching us a lesson we do not learn.

No, it is not our will that satisfies.

The hills and trees, and birds and bears – and all their kin – they know God’s will and do it quietly, proudly, without dissent.  Who among us knows their joy?  Man? Born free to be. Yet, contorted to fill ourselves with what we are not, nor meant to be.

Have you missed God and summer once again?