The dogmatism of science has become a new orthodoxy, disseminated by the Media and a State education system with a thoroughness and subtlety far exceeding anything of a kind achieved by the Inquisition …

Malcolm Muggeridge,

in Jesus: The Man Who Lives

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How and what do we come to believe?

That is, as it always is, a rather important question.  Yet, in the age of mass communication and the dominant central state, each robustly present – indeed virtually our captors in the homogenized secular culture, this question becomes all the more important.

Yes, you may not think for yourself.  Yes, your views may be shaped by others for their purposes and to their advantage.

In Muggeridge’s book he mentions that Pascal, considered the Aristotle of his age, was both a remarkable scientist but also a devout Christian, an earnest Believer.

Think about it, this man of great mind and scientific achievement believed in the virgin birth.  Was he both a genius and a fool?  Did he simply seek some “transcendental certainty” to give him “peace of mind” in the mortal world?

This hardly seems likely for a dedicated seeker of truth and a uniquely original thinker.

Muggeridge provides this answer: Pascal was a man of faith.  He was, says Muggeridge, able to understand that faith bridged the space between the mind and what our soul seeks.  This, by the way, is a view held by Albert Einstein, Viktor Frankl, Carl Jung and others in our recent and present age.

Where is faith in your life?  Does it lead to belief?  Your own humility?  Your capacity to see others as your brothers and sisters? 

If you are constantly riled-up and at odds with others, divided by religious differences, race, gender, sexual behavior, language, age, ethnicity, income, neighborhood, role, class and all the rest – then faith and belief play no significant and constructive role in your life – and, you are missing out “big-time.”   Indeed, you are alienated and put at a distinct disadvantage – put on guard, utterly and throughly easily controlled by others – victims of others’ bias and, worse yet, pawns for those who seek to retain their power, influence and privilege at the cost of your dignity, self-regard, confidence, peace of mind, happiness, universal fellowship, freedom, prosperity, salvation and eternal life.

How and in what have you come to believe?