An idea becomes close to you when you are aware of it in your soul … That is how it was when I read the Gospels.  In the Gospels I discovered a new world.

Tolstoy, in Bulgakov’s Diary, April 18, 1910

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Malcolm Muggeridge calls Jesus coming into the world “The most stupendous event in human history.”

He adds that “the revelations that Jesus provided, in his teaching, and the drama of his life, death and Resurrection, of the true purpose and destination of our earthly existence” is of “unique value and everlasting validity.”

Yet, he also says ” … I have come into the world myself at a time when the revelation’s impetus in history gives every sign of being almost spent, and when Western Man is increasingly inclined to reject and despise the inheritance it has brought him … “

Friends, this frankly is the pending indictment standing against the dialectics of modern liberalism, embraced by so many groups and institutional sympathizers, which divide us and produce violence like that yesterday in Dallas with the ambush killing of police officers.

This is the indictment that present history, not the FBI, delivers.  It seeks that we might determine if Christ, Christianity and Christians will be rejected and despised in this land.

Few more serious time and question have we, in our history, faced.

“The world has come crashing down around my ears.  The things we hold dear are reviled and spat upon … And I can tell you, my young friend, it is evening.  It is very late.”

Binx’s Aunt Emily, in The Moviegoer

Friends, this one’s on you.  There is no waiting for leadership, the Republican Party, wise elders, FBI indictments, the Church, someone in the media, the press, a battalion of rich donors, and surely NOT the “Supreme” Court or the judiciary –IT IS PLAINLY ON YOU.  And is this not what Christ offered?  That you decide – personally, that each of us, one by one, decide.