Jesus never used this miraculous powers to promote any general or collective purpose.  The salvation he offered was for individuals, not collectives; for a person, not an idea.

Malcolm Muggeridge, in Jesus: The Man Who Lives

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We are in a political, moral, legal, spiritual, and cultural mess today.  And, much of it results when too many people latch on to an ideology and let in drive their thinking, decision-making, judgments and life.  The dominant favor of ideology is a mindless and uncritical variant of Marxist foolishness governing the Democrat Party of the Left and applied by its functionaries and tribes of special pleaders who campaign to force their fractured and destructive views on others.

Now how does this relate to Mr. Muggeridge’s insight?

Well for those who are Christians we might be wise to place in the fore what Muggerridge says.  Christ does NOT favor collectives – Christ is aimed at the individual person.  Christ does NOT favor and idea – Christ brings Truth and seeks that we individually seek, know and embrace Truth.

Faced with our present mess, each Christian, indeed each person, has the opportunity to seek, know and embrace Truth.  In a real sense, all challenges are about what we believe and in believing – who we individually are.

Our present circumstances pose this simple question: who are you, and who are we? Are we special-pleading Leftists intent on selfish ends secured by any means and regardless of the destruction that might result?  Or are we Believers whose lives reflect eternal Truth?

Christ offered no collective cures or blanket dispensations.  No, His Love, like that of His Father, is intimate, more personal – given for each person to seek, know and embrace.

In a real sense, those who offer ideology in place of faith are much like Satan who offered Christ stones that He might turn them into bread.  And just as Christ, it is our opportunity in denying the collectivists to reject Satan and his stones.