Christ offers you his friendship.  He gave his life so that those who wish to answer his call can indeed become his friends.  His is a friendship which is deep, genuine, loyal, and total, as all true friendships must be.

St. John Paul II

 [Excerpt of a message to young people in Cuba in 1998.]

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Why Christ?

In all ages there is that question.  Today in the radically secularizing West with violent challenges from the East it is evermore the question?  Yes, secularism and violent challenges require that Christians ask: Why Christ?

The short answer to this question is: because in Christ “the relationship between the divine Self and the human self, between God and man …” is revealed, known, experienced.

Christ comes to proclaim this fundamental reality: God wishes to give Himself to us, and for us to know this, experience this sacred and supernatural reality.

Many are the times that I encounter a person in distress, in real travail.  Yes, people whose lives have been injured by others and who suffer in these betrayals. With them nothing is so clearly necessary as the primacy of recognizing that we belong to God and that being intentionally created by God we are, as God, made good – that being made good by God nothing can defeat or alter our central, indivisible being, our identity as God’s good children.

There is no more profound notion that can attach to man or woman than the certainty that nothing can undo what God has done – nothing can alter our divine identity as His.

In a time when we have many who veer off in godless directions, and try to drag us along these destructive paths, does it not make sense that we might witness the truth and purpose of Christ in our lives as Christians?  Yes, witness overtly each day what we know as Christians: that we as humans have at the center of our existence, our identity, a loving God who is our guide, our strength and One who resides in each and all?

Christ the Witness.  Do we witness Christ?  Witness as Christ did?


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