If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about a solution.

Albert Einstein

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I had a conversation with a dear friend of mine about the British exit from the European Union.  My friend is a bright guy, a lawyer and a good and courageous one.  He is disciplined, competitive, talented and a wise investor.

He pronounced the British exit as “stupid” and a huge mistake.  He did so, it seemed to me, based on two things: the immediate dip in the investment markets and a failure to carefully exam the situation he commented upon.

In particular, he did not account for the political motivations of those who voted to leave the EU, nor carefully examine Britain’s economy and the British character possessed of strong resolve, ingenuity, cunning, toughness and national pride.

In short, he reflected popular sentiment.  That is, the views of globalists, “statists,” secularists – which is to say modern liberalism.

Yes, a bright guy mimicked the predictable refrain of the thundering herd of “independent” thinkers who, when given a problem, examine it for five minutes then launch in the direction of their misbegotten ideological bias so we might all fall slavishly in line behind them despite their track record, limited intelligence and socially challenged dispositions.

Yes, in popular culture we herd to the widely displayed views of self-appointed geniuses who muck just about everything up.  If we were smart we’d be more like Einstein and also more apt to discount the immediate chorus of predictable refrains from predictable voices.

Take an assessment of present day American culture.  Few, indeed virtually no one in the public forum, offer a thoughtful, instructive observation or analysis as to how we in the U.S. have arrived at our present conflicted and declining state of affairs.

Who among the public voices ever offer a critique of radical egalitarianism which displaces equality of opportunity with equality of outcome?  Or offers a critical view of radical individualism exercised without common, historic constraint?  Or offers any comment on how all has, thanks to the Left, become political?  Or how the secular Left uses law as a political vehicle to advance their power at the expense of our unique constitutional and historic legacy?  Or how morality and religion are attacked insofar as they each give pause to Leftist views?

Friends, the “exit-voters” in England spent years looking at the problem and met their solution.  Yes, solutions are often easier to design than is the analysis required to come to a solution.  Einstein has said this very thing.

As for us:  until we do the hard work of articulating (no matter the public ridicule and discomfort) the exacting nature of the problem we face, particularly its origin and those who are the cause of it, we will not arrive at our “exit vote” and matters will, indeed, get worse.

God help us all.