I think it is understandable why this happened.  First, no one wants to feed and subsidize weaker economies.

Vladimir Putin

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When Vladimir Putin understands the British exit from the European Union better than the elites in the West do, you have a serious problem.  Serious?  Yes, he sees your glaring weakness before you do?  Weakness?  Yes.  The weakness is weakness.  Or if you wish – foolishness or better yet, decadence.

Brexit was a blow to big government (the nanny state) and step toward personal autonomy and responsibility.  It was a win for the individual human person and a sharp repudiation for the elites (both Left and Center-Right) who savor big government and their command of it.

In this vote government is God no more.

The EU (European Union) was intended to further the economic prosperity and stability of its members.  It did not.  Rather, it became a political body with a hunger for fiscal, legal, legislative, regulatory and diplomatic power – a plush estate for the continent’s elites. (Hey, just as in the U.S. Congress, federal bureaucracy and judiciary – it beats working!)

The Brexit vote repudiated this omnibus central power of Big Brother Bureaucracy and its socialist dictatorship which displaced democracy.

In their exit vote, voters chose individual responsibility and liberty, preservation of national identity and personal initiative over elite boondoggle.

The exit vote stuck it to career politicians, academics, lawyers, bankers, big business mavens, self-righteous and misguided church “leaders” and the popular media types who bask in the glory of the elite-insiders while promoting them.

The exit vote was a vote against the inequity of it all, against the obligation of rich and hardworking countries to carry those who prefer not to work, those who do not save, those who do not pay taxes, innovate, who run-up debt, do not alter fiscal policy and spending to reflect their laziness and lack of industry, etc.

In the U.S. we suffer much the same issue – where equality of outcome has replaced equality of opportunity, where the sizable costs of all sorts of “lifestyles” choices are passed on to others willy-nilly.

In the U.S., much the same revolt is brewing.  It will come to form in due time – perhaps in this election cycle.  Might the Brexit be the Hexit?

Might we see a sound rejection of the demented ways of Bill and Hillary Clinton – them: the epitome of the “spoiled child” – adult children who deem themselves “special,” “entitled,” “above the law,” “better than us,” those for whom “rules do not apply.”

Might this election be our “exit vote?”

… when we were with you, we instructed you that if anyone was unwilling to work, neither should that one eat.

2 Thes 3:10

Folks, no one is “on scholarship.”