UK out off the EU.

Ought to tell us something.  The average person does not want over-reaching, over-regulating, over-taxing government that rules all aspects of life, destroys national identity while displaying gross incompetence, corruption, arrogance, disdain for its citizens and religion.

Simply stated, many do not believe the career, elected politicians and the self-acclaimed “elites” and reject their Leftist visions of the world.  No, they do not want those who have accomplished nothing in life to give us radical “change.”

The tendency of … modern society and of all its thought and culture is to deny and deride … to make man … afraid of faith and ashamed of it. (Emphasis added.)

Thomas Merton, in Life and Holiness

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Merton says something utterly simple and utterly true: “The first step to living faith is … as it has always been one way or another … a rejection of the standards of thought  … accepted by “others.”

Yes, to live faith in modern dictatorial liberal cultures requires standing apart from what is commonly accepted – commonly and uncritically accepted.

People can be like lemmings.  This is not good.  If wearing a metal bar through one’s skull were popular, the hat industry would go out of business.

Lemmings. They fear being outside the crowd!  Such is the fear of abandonment, the power of social need.  Yet what is liberty, but something each person can claim? What makes life sacred, but that each may live it – free of endless rules and regulation, the grand designs of bureaucrats, know-little career politicians and pin-head academics with political axes to grind.

In the world of exclusive reason – of reliance on reason alone – faith fades and acquiescence grows.

Acquiescence is so much easier than belief – for as Merton says: “faith … demands an interior revolution of one’s whole self and a reorientation of one’s existence in a contrary sense to the orientation taken by mundane prejudice.” (Emphasis added.)

Yes, faith is more demanding.  Acquiescence demands little – just our compliance. Yet, in acquiescence there is no meaning, and one’s life has no resonance.

When God sits at the center of our life and our nation, our meaning and purpose is never in doubt.  Acquiescence, on the other hand, demands you sell out, lose your faith and become a slave to others, to their whim and wilfulness – no matter their error, fooolishness and selfish designs.

The renunciation of soul to fit into social group takes all of you, hollows you out, empties you, leaves you dependent, enslaved, despairing and devoid of substance.

I never minded not belonging.  Never minded making up by own mind, saying what I thought.  What a grace it is to live free – to live in faith!  

I learned early on that when you are poor, you easily risk all – for falling from little to nothing was a short drop and daring to rise from little to more with your soul intact and growing had far the greater upside.  Slave or free?  Give me free everytime.

Those who govern least, govern best! 

You don’t retain yourself by losing faith.