Evil is that which tears apart, shuts out the other, raises barriers, sets people apart.

Rollo May, M.D.

In the time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

George Orwell

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Lies and evil are inseparable partners.  He who lies shows you the face of evil.  This deadly pair kill.  Kill the soul, kill the spirit, kill trust, kill love, kill relationship, kill community, kill nation just as they killed Christ.

We live in a killing time.  A time of endless public deceit, of doctored Justice Department transcripts of the words of the Orlando mass murderer – his words “scrubbed” of his reference to Islam and his dedication to radical Islam and the killing of infidels.  Shame on you Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  If Justice lies where does honesty reside?

You see lies by the head of the Internal Revenue Service, about Benghazi, by the Democrat Party of the Left presidential candidate and her husband, the philanderer-in-waiting.  You see it in the endless hand puppets that are White House, Defense Department, State Department “spokesmen” and “spokeswomen.”

Our government has become the voice of disassembling and deceit, and our print and electronic media has fallen easily in line.

Not to be outdistanced, our Congressmen, like the yahoos who reverted to a childish sit-in last night in the House of Representatives because they did not “get their way,” simply underscore the deficits that lying produces.

In public lies – evil is advanced and immaturity reigns, and unsavory people obstruct the public peace while making fools of anyone who thinks this is proper or necessary behavior.  Ah, yes – to those in public office who lie you might say: “throw the bums out.”

When one with honeyed words but evil mind persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.

Euripides, in Orestes

We face a gigantic issue in this electoral year.  Simply stated: Will we stand for truth, for hearing it, and abiding by the challengers before us, or will we continue to elect liars and tolerate words and deeds that destroy, advance what is evil and manufacture deadly consequences.

“I am the way the truth and the life.”

Jn 14:6

We meet each other now at a very critical moment for our nation, for us, for our children, grandchildren, friends and neighbors.  Time to get serious.