God moves in a mysterious way … works His sovereign will .. ye fearful saints, fresh courage take …

William Cowper

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We live in difficult times.

We are beseiged by a large noisy collective of intellectually challenged Lefties in politics, government, in the courts, the media, the near dead news rags, entertainment (such as it is), the Gillian Island lost crew in academia, and the a sundry nitwit “movements” which pepper us with more and more juvenile distractions like transgender bathroom privileges (hardly the issue upon which the axis of the world shifts or the tides fail to rise).  Yes, while national pride and identity fade, borders are lost, security neglected, armies and navies shrunk, waste proliferates and debt grows – the sludge rises and ye saints become fearful.

Take fresh courage.  Know that God works in mysterious ways.

Consider Brexit (England’s prospective exit from the European Union) and Mr. Trump.  Do you see God’s good work afoot?

Let me explain. First, each defines the present difficulties in significant part and rallies patriots.  Sizable numbers of each electorate are angry at those who govern: elected officials, large government, bureaucrats, existing political parties and the closed circle they provide, protect and perpetuate.  And their anger is for good reason.   

While globalism grows, jobs and industries evaporate, communities die and men can no longer find work and support their families.  Worse yet, those who govern engineer this fundamental shift and do nothing to compensate because they have their’s.  No skin off their banana!

People see the government’s failure is fundamental.  They see slow-to-no growth. Stultifying government regulation of all things – cradle to grave.  They see assaults on liberty, on religion and their constitutional rights.  They hear a Supreme Court Justice say that when she hears “morality” mentioned in an appellate argument she hears bigotry. Adios, God – any perverse thing goes.

People have “gotten it in the neck” – they have lost their identity as each nation retreats and as each loses its borders and its history, its pride.  In the U.S. some who would lead are ashamed of the country they claim to serve, the people who live here – its lawful citizens.

The good news: God has called out the errant, the failures in high places, the out-of-touch privileged class who govern for self and self alone.  And He has put on alert those who have been discarded and discounted.  He has gathered the flock and they are disgruntled.

Now is the time for ye fearful saints to take fresh courage.

What has been done must be undone.  And, as always, we must do it.

Afterall – I didn’t see any Yale educated lawyers battle the Red Coats in the American Revolution, nor bureaucrats, regulators, former presidents, congressmen or senators, judges, academics, socialists, communists, agnostics or atheists, or the quaint mavens of sexual appetites and gender fixations, et al doing battle in General Washington’s army.

Fearful saints, take courage.