” … you are no longer strangers, but … members of the household of God … with Christ Jesus himself as the capstone.”

Eph 2: 19, 20

+ + +

In thinking about identity, I am called to Chapter 2 of St. Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians in which he tells us that whether Jew or Gentile – we are one in Christ. Likewise, I think how the Democrat Party has practiced an “identity” politics that divides us into groups and in so doing divides us one from another – and how no one seems to see how that contradicts our oneness in Christ.

Division is hostile to fellowship, to Christianity.  Political division causes conflict. And we see this in the shootings in Orlando and our reporting on this.  We see a Muslim shooter* aiming his weapon at a distinct group: homosexuals.  We do not see a human being killing other human beings.  We do not see people dying in the early morning of a day of worship.  We do not see how pleasure seeking seems more significant than recognizing that you are an individual called to be with others as “a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.” (Eph 2:22)

Oh, we hear of guns and gun laws, gay pride, more domestic surveillance, illegal immigration, police protection, links with foreign terrorists – but not much about God, or Christ, or Sunday worship, or belief, or religious practices, sobriety, the pursuit of what is sacred and holy, or what is moral and healthy, what brings salvation, brings us peace and tranquility, raises us up out of the muck and confusion.

The fragmentation and division of what is intended to be whole weakens us, makes us more vulnerable and less content.  Shame on those who divide.

Exploiting differences for political reasons is shameful and it makes us weaker, more vulnerable and far from contented.

Much of this comes in the name of “equality” but that curve now bends back on itself.  We have feverishly and foolishly pursued individual claims to “equality” at the expense of being One, being brothers and sisters, being a unified and strong nation set on eradicating hostility aimed at one another.

Shame on those who divide us.  I notice they said little about God and salvation. They are full of destruction, lacking what is good and eternal.


* News reports have recorded that this shooter had been a patron at the same nightclub where he did his killing.  My point?  People are people.  There are no magic in labels.  Best we understand we are all human beings subject to all sorts of trials and struggles.  Yes, a complicated composition is the human person.