” … there exists a manifest opposition between Christ and the world, a choice on our part is absolutely necessary, for no one can serve two masters.”

Adolphe Tanquerry, S.S., D.D., in The Spiritual Life

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How does one combat evil?

It takes courage.  What kind of courage?  The courage to live not as mortals but as those who have access to Christ, to eternity.  Yes, it takes living in faith – despite the wrap-around nonsense of mass communication in an exclusionary secular culture.  Yes, it takes turning away from the political and the commercial nonsense, the so-called entertainment industry, political ideology, media-chatter/”news-lite” and the like.

Why live in the foolishness and disorder of the mortal world when in Christ you have the words of eternal life?

The specific process of combating evil requires you to live with the lessons of Christ and scripture and reject the maxims of the mortal world and those who would capture your attention. That is the courage you require and the courage the Christian possesses.

Remember what St. Paul said: “We have received not the spirit of this world, but the Spirit that is of God.  (1 Cor 2:12)

Folks, it is NOT difficult – it is a binary choice, an either-or decision.  Live in the Spirit or don’t live in the Spirit.  Place God at the center or do not place God at the center.  Be with Christ or not be with Christ.  Not complicated – and you face this either-or every minute of every day you live.

When you choose Spirit, God and Christ – evil losses.  When you do not evil advances.

Remember St. James: “Whosoever … will be the friend of this world, becometh an enemy of God.” (Jas 4:4)

If you doubt James just think of the “Clinton Foundation” set up to “do good” in the world and shrouded with self-interest and bathing in millions of dollars from questionable entities seeking influence, and now the object of federal investigation.  Horse-hockey!

“Friends” of the world become the enemy of God, and the enemy of God is evil.  Do you not see this???

Do you have the courage to live as a Christain?  Set aside from the muck of mortality?

Think about it.


Note – Today’s blog is derived from the excellent words of Tanquerey in The Spiritual Life, p. 122.