“Trust not overmuch in thyself, for this is the beginning of sin.”

Jacques-Benigne Bossuet

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Evil.  What is its remedy?

God.  God is its remedy.  Its only remedy.

When our point of reference for all things in our life, in life itself is God we have become remedial, begun to move from evil – begun to create the distance needed to live free from the grasp of evil, free of its sickness and disorder, its chaos and confusion, its hatred and its conflict, division and despair, its deceit and destruction.

To live in reference to God in all things is to live in this very simple truth: God is the author of all good – He is the First Principle of all that is – and all our actions, and He is also the Last End.

In this one reality all that we are, and can be, tend to the glory of God.  And in this Christ is our exemplar, our example – our model.

Yes, as the above is true so too is it true: that as human beings we are by nature inclined to be self-seeking – to “go it alone,” not rely on God or even others – to trust in self alone and the things of this world that we seek to accumulate, to know, that “define” us so narrowly in a mortal existence.  In this we forget that we are made by God and without Him sure to sin, to fail, to make less of who we are at our best.

Insofar as exclusionary secularism lures us into self-reliance it is an engine of sin and failure, of dissention and division, deceit and despair. But this need not be, if only we rely on God, place God at the center of our existence.  Indeed, if we only take seriously the task of opposing all forces that would have it otherwise.

To bolster your remediation begin each day with this from St. Paul (1 Cor 10:31):

“… whether you eat or drink, or whatsoever else you do, do all for the glory of God.”