Pride is a profound depravity; it is worship of self; man becomes his own god through excessive self-love.

Jacques-Benigne Bossuet

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If you wish to know the origins of evil in the human person, Bosseut’s words are a good place to start.

Self-love is its own atheism and its own “God is dead” movement.  Yes, both atheism and the complete and unequivocal rejection of God is silently avowed by those who literally believe that they are so important they, in their mere existence, displace both religion and God.

By the way, of all the places I have lived, Washington, D.C. is the epicenter of self-love and godlessness.  Just look at the people, institutions, ethos, habits, inflated expectations of those associated with the political apparatus of the nation’s capital.  That one proposition alone speaks to decentralizing the federal engines of arrogance and self-inflation.  The concentration of the self-loving is toxic.

When we forget (or reject) God as the Beginning and the End man inflates his own importance.  He becomes the divine sovereign, his own god.  Man in need of nothing but his own pride.  Evil cometh easily. All his godless actions are to fulfill his or her desires for wealth, power, privilege, status, pleasure.  Yes, the best of political systems designed to serve others and preserve liberty, ensured with “checks and balances,” an independent judiciary – sovereign states with reserved powers – all this is destroyed by a mass of men and women who desire nothing so much as what they themselves want.  Evil cometh easily.

The evil person always prefers himself or herself to everyone else and everything else. They are in this, actually, quite easy to identify.  Many of them are so craven that they overly despise others and maintain a coterie of sycophants whose task it is to do their bidding and reflect a favorable image of “the boss” – to glorify the self-glorifying.  Folks we have this now – particularly in politics, and particularly among the Left, our 21st century “Pharisees” – rule-makers for whom the rules seem conveniently never to apply.

The pride that yields evil is vain – it seeks that others praise him or her.

The evil one seeks not esteem of others for the virtue they display.  No, the evil ones have not virtue, for they prefer only life as appearance and self-deception and evil has no good, no truth, no virtue –  but only what is false, negative, disordered and destructive.

We have fostered many prideful men and women in our affluence and height of power. We have dismissed God as unnecessary and pursued disordered passions as if they are holy, legal, sane and constitutionally protected.  Yes, pride has its “poisoned fruits” aplenty.  Yes, evil becomes institutionalized and decay grows.

Remedies await.