This, the post for Saturday, June 4, 2016.

God’s first language is silence, everything else is a translation.

Thomas Keating, Monk

+ + +

What might one do amid all the voices and the shouting?  And now the young rioters are intent on disturbing things?  What might one do when the talking is unheard and the king ignores the law but not the lecture?  When conflict is on the rise and leadership is absent? When cooler heads are in short supply and words are trite and all too predictable?

Silence.  Detachment.  A return to our first language.  Separation into quiet. Into contemplation where peace is heard and God speaks with no words.

The rattle of hatred is brewing.  There will be trouble.  Just as there will be a prelude to trouble – a time to choose.  Is this something you need?  Is there honor in this clash?  Or is there foolishness – only destruction?

Where are the principles at stake?  And whose voice is clear, and broad, insightful and universal?

Barring meaning, silence is golden.

God’s first language soothes while the shouts of others grow us weak and weary. Detachment may speak best of all.  There: God’s first language.

The voices of Babel have no meaning. Shouting they say nothing.