We shut our eyes to the beginnings of evil because they are small, and in this weakness is contained the germ of our defeat.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, in Aids to Reflection

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There were no eulogies at Margaret Thatcher’s funeral.  No eulogies.

Rather there were readings about the fact of Godthe gift of Christ, the responsibility to love one’s country and show it.

Imagine ideas and not the personhood of the first woman Prime Minister of England being the focus of her funeral.  Imagine ideas and the quest for honor, and meaning, and purpose being the focal point of a funeral here in our country. Imagine people and nation being the focus of your last public act.  Do you see how poorly we compare?

In the comparison, think of the loss to us.  In celebrating self, think of the shallow statement we make, risk we create, and the decline we court.

When you stand for less – you can expect less than that for which you stand.

Hillary Clinton and her private server/email mess.  It presents incalculable compromise to our national security, danger to the individuals in our intelligence services and networks, and to each of us.  Imagine, too, if more than a foolish and headstrong decision – Ms. Clinton’s action involved the sale of security information to adversaries.  Or worse.

Sometimes a mess is far more than we think looking in from the outside.  We hardly sleep well when we dare question or dare to see a problem for what it actually is.  As Coleridge notes: this propensity in us breeds self-destruction.

Socrates preached the value of an examined life.  He was tried and died in a democracy because he questioned.  His pupil Plato saw all politics as part of the search for justice, morality and our divine purpose.

Plato and Margaret Thatcher stand on common ground.  Ms. Clinton?  It seems not so.


Those who live well need neither funeral nor eulogy.