Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of all of them.

Ps 34:19

+ + +

Individual people, cultures and nations will find themselves facing adversity – some even caused by their waywardness, pride, corruption and the like.

The wise understand that adversity is required to offer correction.  God uses it to call us back to balance, to health and to faith and humility – and to wisdom, insight, patience and prosperity.

Adversity, properly considered, will strengthen your faith, grow you spiritually. But, for the adversity to end – we must respond – we must ask: what is it that God would have me know in this?

The believer is confident in the face of adversity.  He and she trusts in God and makes the proper adjustment.

Facing adversity brings us closer to the life of Christ and that is a blessing.  Once drawn closer, never distant again.

Many times adversity comes to us in places where we have been somewhat successful.  In those instances we realize that our success did not make us God. Yes, adversity brings us back to earth.

See God in the adversity you encounter.  Take measure of yourself and see what you must learn from the adversity.  In all things trust God and know His goodness in store for you.


Postscript – I have little patience for nitwits like Stephen Hawking.  I saw in the news today that Hawking thinks Donald Trump is a demagogue.   Well isn’t that dandy!  What exactly does he know about governing?  The U.S.?  The gross errors of the American Left?

How about this, Mr. Hawking – “Hillary and Bill Clinton are thoroughly corrupt and Mr. Obama is the least competent of any American President and the only one who actually dislikes America.”

Well, brave Mr. Hawing – try that on for size.  Oh, it doesn’t fit too well.  Then keep your opinions to your self.