Freedom is the recognition of necessity.


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I have a number of educated and faithful friends.  Many are well-trained and experienced lawyers, some are accomplished economists, teachers, others business men or women. Each decent, sane, honest and humble.

A good number of them think that former State Department Secretary Clinton’s very substantial legal mess will be “swept under the rug.”

None question the seriousness of the problems she has created for herself.  None challenge that her conduct engages a range of possible felonies from espionage, to conspiracy and destruction of government property.  Nor do they balk at the difficulties that could arise from the FBI’s apparent investigative interest in the Clinton Family Foundation and its relationship to the campaign fundraising of Virginia Governor McAuliffe, their long-time friend and fundraiser.

Likewise, I see – especially in the presence of the likes of Washington Post reporters and their fellow travelers – a reluctance to think that maybe there is something seriously wrong, and maybe even criminal, in all this immediate Clinton stuff.  Yea, they fail to see a gross difficulty despite Bill and Hillary’s ample history of lost billing records, his habitual philandering, their having to return purloined White House property, their Arkansas land development snafus, their loose relationship with the truth, his predatory sexual behavior in and out of the White House, the historically rare suicide of a former legal colleague and select White House counselor, the criminal conviction of a former law partner, etc.

So what does the perception held by mature, learned and accomplished professionals that the present issues will be “swept under the rug” tell us?

Well, the most important thing its says to me is this: smart, experienced good people think we lack the will to tell the truth and act on it.

If that is so, if we sweep this sordid mess “under the rug” we will learn that when the will to tell the truth and act on it is lost, so too is freedom and this nation.

Yes, we will be saying to the godless Left: you have beat us, you have thoroughly corrupted us and now we are destroyed.  And it will say to our adversaries who desire our destruction: – we are “easy pickings”  … “Boys –come and take what you want.”

Yes, the assemblage of the Left’s hateful tribes will have transferred their acts of common plunder to those offshore who crave our demise.

Think about it.  We are at a juncture as serious as Ms. Clinton’s behavior.

Where are you on this?  With truth or with demise?  Are we as a people able to recognize necessity and exercise freedom?  Yes, exercise freedom to save it?

Do we have the will to live free?