The statistics on insanity are that one out of every four people is suffering from mental illness.  Look at your three best friends.  If they’re okay, then its you.

Rita Mae Brown

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I thought of Ms. Brown’s amusing observation yesterday when I saw that Hillary Clinton was “rolling out” a new campaign motto: “Stronger Together” (without the question mark).

The idea for her unifying people is either utterly laughable, evidence of insanity, or among the greatest single acts of self-deception in human history.

Why would I say such a thing?

The Democrat Party of the Left in my lifetime has done nothing as consistently as divide people from one another.  Need an example: women from men, Black from White, homosexual from heterosexual, low-income from higher income, liberal from conservative, faithless from faithful … people from God.

Think about her harangues about the “vast right-wing conspiracy,” her posturing against Wall Street (while collecting $21 million dollars from them in two short years as reported in newspapers yesterday), her ideologically-based disposition that must always have a victim and a culprit.

She and her political clan divide. It is that simple.

By dividing Ms. Clinton and the Democrat Party of the Left operate exactly in contradiction to Christianity and Christian spirituality.

The essence of Christian spirituality is the indwelling of the Spirit; yes, each person as the temple housing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – each sacred, not the enemy.

In this recognition we are one and we are called to the vocation of oneness – no matter our differences, and distinctions.

The division fostered by Ms. Clinton and the Democratic Party of the Left stands in opposition to that vocation and to Christian spirituality. She, her followers, and their Party of the Left produce enemies and foster conflict.

Bringing people together is not what they do.

Their Marxist disposition and quest for power and control of all things and people rests on envy, division, and constant hostility aimed at others – by gender, class, race, sexuality, status, income level (excepting themselves, of course), hard-earned achievement and such. That is the Democrat Party of the Left.

“Stronger Together?”

One wonders if Ms. Clinton and her chums have taken the Rita Mae Brown test?


Aside – Yesterday a Committee of the U.S. Congress released a lengthy report showing that National Football League (NFL) under Commissioner Roger Goodell reneged on a public pledge to support the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) research into the consequences of concussions because NIH awarded a contract related to the research to a medical doctor and esteemed researcher who has been critical of the NFL.  It seems the NFL likes to “cook the books” – get their own way.  Makes you wonder about Goodell and their very dubious handling of the Tom Brady case.

My suspicion?  Brady’s appeal will be heard by the full New York appellate court. If that happens – I’d bet on Brady winning and the NFL losing. [I’ve actually petitioned for an En Banc appeal – had it granted and won decisively on that appeal.]