Who hath searched out the wisdom of God that goeth before all things?

Eccl 1:3

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I have a story.

A woman has a sister who is older than she.  They have a mother who is ailing and in her 90’s.  The woman cares for her mother while the sister lives comfortably within a short distance from both her sister and her mother.

The sister has a husband.  Each are healthy and they are financially comfortable. Neither has ever spent a day caring for the ailing mother.  Rather, the older sister prefers to be “in control” – asserting herself from a distance as “the boss.” Her mother is bullied by her, fearful of her.  As you might expect of this story, the older sister acts alone and cannot make a sound decision even by chance. Additionally she is hostile and often quite nasty. She and her husband seem to have no friends.

True to the above passage neither the older sister nor her husband appear to have any manifestation of a relationship with God.  It follows that they are a fitting subject for The Book of Ecclesiastes and a suitable vehicle to understand how this nation, in its recent leadership and secular culture, has lost its way.

Ecclesiastes is a treatise on vanity.  Written about three hundred years before Christ, it stands on the proposition that God has a divine plan for man but that the human person seeks not God nor knowledge of God’s plan but rather operates on their own plan – lives godlessly.  He or she seeks happiness here on earth without God, with but notions that attempt to glorify their own ill-claimed “genius” and “good” without regard to God and the lessons we have recorded as He had made them known.

Ecclesiastes makes the point that without seeking God there is no wisdom, truth or happiness to be had on earth.

Truth is: there is no good without God, no wisdom either – nor is there love and humility. Without God, one’s conduct is wanton, one’s voice shrill, the tone coarse, the touch blunt and hard.

You wonder why we have stayed?

Asking the question gives the answer.  We do not know what is written in Scripture and states a clear and ageless truth.  The question says we live in what is vain, worthless, dumb, injurious, hostile, harmful, self-defeating and ugly. And we need not.

Read what you have been given.  Attend to God’s word.  It will make you wise and wiser still in the doing of His word.