Whether we listen … to the dreamlike … witch doctor of the Congo, or read … translations from the sonnets of … Lao-tse … crack the hard nutshell of the arguments of Aquinas, or the shining meaning of a bizarre Eskimo fairly tale: it will be always the one, shape-shifting yet marvelously constant story … we find … with a … persistent suggestion of more remaining …

Joseph Campbell, in The Hero with a Thousand Faces

+ + +

Thus begins the first paragraph in Campbell’s classic book.  Yes, we are story seekers and storytellers.  Why?  Because we need story evermore so more than a story needs us.

Stories create community and we are a communal and relational species.  Hence we think and learn in metaphor and that means in story.

You see human nature and human existence, along with the existence of the cosmos since before the creation of time – or before man as we know man was known by man – we have faced this: a complexity too difficult to understand but for stories that explain bit by bit, century after century.

The human being yearns for knowledge of his very own story: who he or she is, what his or her purpose is, their meaning, how they function, why they exist.

There is no healthy human being or culture but that they have a comprehension as to their story – small and personal, large and inter-personal.

You wonder why borders are important?  What is at stake with the changing face of Europe and its movement from Christianity to Islam?  When mega stories are discarded the world is changed in a fundamental and devastating way.  Yes, security and identity are lost.  You see this in the Middle East where Christians and Christianity are exiled, obliterated.

For each of us, life is a story, large and small.  Only those who know story, their own and that of the tribe and world they occupy, can lead for all the others lack insight, wisdom, calm, brilliance, competence, self-awareness, connection with others.

Without knowledge of your own story and that of those with whom you share time and space – there is no vision, mere blindness and vast ranges of mistake, error, and self-destruction.

We live in an age of Leftist ideology.  Ideology is not story. It is too small, too wooden, hollow and trite to be story.  It contains no lasting truth and cannot assume its place among the stories and understandings that have lived centuries upon centuries, indeed created and sustained civilization.  Rather ideology and its proponents are ignorant, their path one of smaller and disordered minds.

Ideology and its proponents are bound for destruction – yes, but the possession of fools with loud voices, aggressively shouting over sacred truths.

Jesus was a storyteller.  He shared parables to teach truths.

What is your narrative?  What is the narrative of those to whom you listen?  Do they know their own story?  Are you convinced they know our nation, our civilization and their story?

These are critical questions for you.  Actually your life depends on it.


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