NOLAN, Mary Anne Alfriend.  Faced with the prospects of voting for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, Mary Anne Nolan of Richmond chose, instead, to pass into the eternal love of God on Sunday, May 15, 2016, at age 68.

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Thus began the obituary furnished by a Dear Friend with (like me) a wry sense of humor and an interest in people, politics and how we are governed.

My immediate response to him: “I see a trend here.”

You know I love it when people are people – witty and able to see the world as a place where people run amok.

My Boston childhood friend Buddy’s (aka, Arthur MacArthur) mother passed away some years ago.  She was a lovely woman, but very much “into” hyper-cleanliness.

Dust, dirt, disorder were not “her thing.”  She liked an orderly, germ-free home. Nary, a lady lived who looked like Mrs. Clever, the impeccably dressed “housewife” of 1950’s television.  Just a honey of a lady – nice and welcoming. A real sweetheart.

Well, when she died her son inserted into her obituary that his mother was “an avid gardener.”

At the funeral home people assembled to pay their respects, many people – and all were appropriately solemn, respectful, sympathetic, sincere and supportive … yet almost to a person, after expressing their condolences and sharing their embraces, they would say to Buddy: “Gee, I never knew your mother was a gardener.”

To this day, Buddy tells that story with a burst of laughter and proclaims: “You know if she died again I’d make her a wheel-chaired marathoner!”

That’s how to live! Yes, we are in a circus tent with plenty of clowns, men in tights, and women with painted faces and fishnet stockings.  What was once Eden is now circus grounds.

I never cared much for the circus.  But looking back I see that the “Master of Ceremonies” looked like bulbous-nosed Bill Clinton with that stupid, half-crazed, open-mouth, perpetually-insincere smile on his face … and I know with certainty that the Reptile Lady was clearly Hillary.

When you watch a circus, treat those in it accordingly.  And remember: God and eternity await the uneasy spectators.


Note – Another woman mentioned in the jerky “hit piece” on Donald Trump in the Sunday edition of The New York Times has come forward to repute the notion the Mr. Trump was discourtoeus to her.

The former Miss California, Carrie Prejean, contradicts the Times article and says that when asked by them and others months ago (who were searching for negative stories about Mr. Trump) she said she had none, that he was a gentleman.  Yet, Ms. Prejean reports that the Times reporter lifted one sentence from her book and made it sound like she objected to Mr.Trump. On the contrary Ms. Prejean says Trump was a gentleman and “helped her (and other women) tremendously.”

The Times, other major newspapers and TV media, now “run a rigged game.” Give them no quarter.