… the power of … loudspeakers only amplifies the opinion prevalent at a certain time …

Amin Maalouf

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[Be sure to read the Footnote at the end of today’s post.]

I listened yesterday to Chris Wallace interview the Chairman of the Republican Party.   It reminded me of Hunter Thompson’s remark the “journalism” in mass culture is “a false doorway to the backside of life.”  (He said far worse, by the way.)

I have often thought that mass media does more damage to truth, our culture, human relations, a healthy life and our depth of understanding and insight (let alone our spiritual growth) than we realize.

Wallace focused on a The New York Times* story that excavated a portion of Donald Trump’s interaction with women some years ago. While the article identified his employment and promotion of women within his businesses, it recounted some women took objection to him.

Mind you, Wallace posted no particular scandal, legal action, police report, etc. Yet, Wallace hammered away as if the Chairman needed to respond.  This was Alice in Wonderland stuff.

Wallace reminded me of the limits of mass media.

How can Wallace pursue his questioning when it ought to be obvious that we have been drowning in explicit sexuality and depravity for the last six decades?

Need examples? Bill Clinton and his conduct, his frequent travels on a convicted child sex offender’s airplane (named “The Lolita Express”), a pornography industry which makes more money than Hollywood, an internet with easy access to XXX rated sites, children exchanging nude pictures of one another, “sex education” in the public school system, female teachers having sex with their students, an advertising industry that exploits the body, feminism that fixes on gender and distorts healthy relationship, the Kardasians and others who market their body and nothing more as if that makes them important, the abortion industry that de-sanctifies women, children, the human body, birth, motherhood, child rearing, intimacy, marriage and family, etc.

Don’t you think someone in the media ought to be able to see “the big picture?” Ask a “how did we get here” question?

Why this is so disturbing?  I give you one paramount reason.  It shows that we are lost and damaged deeply – each of us, and this culture.

The soul is to the body as God is to the soul.  Our present situation kills the soul. Destroys the person.  This situation separates us from God, from our full self, from one another, from intimacy, peace, contentment, happiness. This situation narrows our existence, consigns us to the here and now, the body and its exploitation, to image, appearance, the passions dreadfully expressed in adultery, pornography, prostitution, child sex abuse, deviant conduct.

Be discrete.  Shun that which destroys you.  Why be implicated in your own demise?

Mass media has run its course.  They do not warrant being listened to. Why read them? They only speak to one another.  Foster their intellect in an echo chamber.


* Footnote – Rowanne Brewer Lane who was central to The New York Times story said today, “They (The New York Times) spun it to where it appeared negative.  I did not have a negative experience with Donald Trump.”  Yes, the Left “spins.”  Ms. Lane says Mr. Trump was a gentleman and she supports his candidacy.